Https:// (hereinafter referred to as the "Website"), is the website hosted by the Online Store under the brand name "VASSILIOS KOSTETSOS", which exhibits, promotes and sells clothing products, footwear, accessories etc. through the Internet. The www. and the website, belong to the company under the name "VASSILIOS KOSTETSOS", based in Alex. Soutsou 11 (Tax Identification Number: 095702241 - Tax Office D 'Athens), with number GEMI 084373602000, tel. 2103607354, email: (hereinafter "VASILEIOS KOSTETSOS" and / or "Business" and / or " Company "," we "," us "," us "), as legally represented and are the intellectual property of the Company according to law 2121/1993" On Intellectual Property ", as it has been amended and is valid today and the international conventions that Greece has signed. This online store is intended for all internet users who want not only to receive immediate information about the company's products, but also to complete a purchase through the online store, via online ordering, provided the company has sufficient stocks. The services of the "Website" are offered to you with the following terms of use, you are invited to read them carefully and to use its services only if you fully accept them and consent to their application. Therefore, by accessing and reading the content of the Website, you accept without any limitation or reservation the present Terms and Conditions and acknowledge that any other agreement with the company "VASILEIOS KOSTETSOS" for the use of the website is not valid and has no application. . It should also be noted that we may modify, renew, delete, limit the terms and conditions from time to time, we would therefore advise users to check this page regularly. In case you disagree with any of the terms and / or all of them, you must not use any of the services of “www. ”, nor to purchase products. However, with any action you take in our "Online Store", such as, for example, your browsing in it, your registration as a member or in the NEWSLETTER of our "COMPANY" or the purchase of our products, you confirm that you have read, understood and unreservedly accepted the "Terms and Conditions". The use of this "Website" by you and any of your transactions in our "Online Store", is at your sole risk.
"VASILEIOS KOSTETSOS" reserves the right at any time, unjustifiably and without notice at its sole discretion to cancel, suspend or terminate the operation of the website / online store or certain services or the marketing of certain products. In case you have any questions regarding these terms please contact us at 2103607354 or email us at
Please read these Terms of Use carefully before using this site.
By accepting these terms in accordance with the above, users expressly and unreservedly state that they are of legal age to be bound by these terms.


The information provided by the "Website" is complete, true and valid, whether it concerns our identity or the products and services provided by "". The above guarantees are subject to any technical or typographical errors, which can not be predicted or have occurred due to interruptions of this "Website" or due to force majeure.

You have free access to the Website but you may only for your personal, non-commercial use read, copy or use information from the Website including text, images, audio files or videos, hereinafter referred to as "Content". You do not have the right to distribute, modify, transfer, reuse, retransmit or use the Content of the Website for commercial purposes without the written permission of the Company. You must maintain and reproduce all industrial and intellectual property markings or any other proprietary markings. property or any other property mark contained in the Content in each case you download. You must consider that anything you see or read on the Website is protected by copyright and industrial property rights, unless expressly stated otherwise, and may not be used without the prior written approval of the Company, except as described in these terms. and the conditions or within the text of this Website. The Company does not declare or guarantee that your use of the content of this Website will not constitute a violation of the rights of third parties, who do not belong or are not affiliated with the Company. With the exception of the aforementioned limited license, you are not granted or granted any license or right to any industrial and / or intellectual property rights of the Company or any other third party.

To shop on the Website you will be asked to provide certain personal information, such as your full name, email address and mailing address. By using the website you provide your explicit consent to "VASILEIOS KOSTETSOS" to process this personal data and you declare that all information is true and accurate. Ensure that your payment information is valid and correct, and confirm that you are the person mentioned in the billing information provided. We will process the above data in accordance with the law on personal data protection, in order to complete the order of our customers and in no way do we disclose, publish or sell this data to third parties, unless legal proceedings are initiated to remove confidentiality.

All orders are subject to acceptance and availability. Once you place an order you will receive a confirmation email. This email is NOT an acceptance of your order, just a confirmation that we have received it. The acceptance of your order between you and "VASILEIOS KOSTETSOS" will be completed as soon as we send you an email with the confirmation of the shipment of the goods or telephone confirmation.
We may also refuse to process and therefore accept a transaction for any reason or refuse to provide services to anyone at any time in our sole discretion.
Placing an order through the online store means that you enter into a distance selling agreement, which is governed by the legal framework of Law 2251/1994 on Consumer Protection, as in force.


The following information is required for the registration of the user in the mailing lists of the Newsletters of the Website: Country, Postal Code, Date of Birth, Gender, E-mail address (e-mail). The Company may maintain a record of the recipients' e-mail addresses for sending other messages, informative or financial, in addition to the Newsletters, unless the recipient expressly states that he does not wish to do so.

The IP address is determined by the Internet Service Provider of the connection through which the visitor / user's PC has access to the Internet and then to the Website. The IP address is kept in a file for technical reasons, as well as for issues related to the security of the Website systems (server, database, etc.), while at the same time it is used for the collection of statistical data. The IP address of the user, from which he communicated with the Website may be provided to the competent police or judicial authorities, if duly requested.

Your registration in the NEWSLETTER Service of "VASILEIOS KOSTETSOS" is not a mandatory procedure for making a purchase from our online store. However, those who open an account on the page of "VASILEIOS KOSTETSOS" (hereinafter "MEMBERS"), will be able to receive our newsletters and other promotional material in the e-mail address (e-mail) that they will tell us during this process. The registration in this Service is completed by entering your e-mail address (e-mail) in the corresponding field in the "Website". Upon completion of your registration you give us your explicit consent to send you the "www. »information and promotional material for our products and services, as well as related advertising messages.
In case you no longer wish to receive informative newsletters or you wish to unsubscribe altogether from the news sending system of "www. ", you can inform us using the contact form of the" Website ".

"VASILEIOS KOSTETSOS" accepts the following payment methods
• Viva Payments / Viva Wallet.
In our online store you can pay by card, through the Viva Payments / Viva Wallet payment system. Through Viva Payments we can accept payments with most credit, debit or prepaid cards.

Bank transfer
You can choose to pay for our products by bank transfer, but please email us at or call us at 2103607354
Our bank details are as follows:
IBAN: GR3301401240124002320000371

All prices displayed in the relevant catalogs of each product include VAT. We reserve the right to change prices without notice. The offers are valid until the stocks are exhausted.
Customers outside the EU are subject to any charges that may arise from exchange differences, customs clearance, etc., for which our company bears no responsibility.
Your personal safety is very important to us. The website www. uses the SSL protocol to encrypt all personal information and services provided for the purpose of securing your data.

We note that we can not guarantee the complete prevention of the use of your information by unauthorized third parties and we are not responsible for any damages or losses (direct or indirect) of a customer whose card is used illegally or used in an unauthorized manner.
In addition, "VASILEIOS KOSTETSOS" is not responsible for any damage that may be caused to your computer by viruses when you connect to our site. Make sure you have antivirus, firewall, and other protection programs that are up to date.

"VASILEIOS KOSTETSOS" makes every effort to present the products of the website in the most accurate way. In some cases, the information on our site may contain inaccuracies or incomplete information. We reserve the right to correct any errors or to update the site at any time without prior notice. Given the nature of the product presentation on our site and the different types of visual aspects, the colors and fabrics presented on the site may differ slightly from those of the actual product.
ordering process
Our goal is to be as accurate as possible when describing our products and services, offering all relevant information, including price, color and size. All prices include VAT (24%).

The Products are delivered to the address you state when ordering. The time of their delivery depends on various factors as there may be delays for reasons not our responsibility. The Products are sent exclusively, through the courier company "…………………………… .." for the whole Greek Territory. When requesting your order, you can choose to receive or have the Products delivered to you. In particular, the following applies, subject to reasons of force majeure and not due to our fault:

Without prejudice to what is explicitly stated in these "Terms of Use", if your order is completed by 12:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday, the Products are delivered to Attica within one (1) working day, to Thessaloniki, Patras and other major urban cities of Greece and to islands within two (2) - three (3) working days. The above deadlines do not apply during periods of extreme weather events or strikes and in any case of force majeure, which may affect transport and delivery times.

Our Company makes every effort for the timely and proper delivery of the Products, however, we reserve the right that the delivery of the Product (s) may be delayed in case, indicatively, that (a) the Product has been delayed in being sent (b) there is a force majeure event, such as extreme weather events, strikes, or any other event that is beyond our control and control and that may affect the transportation and delivery of your order, (c ) there is a lack of sufficient stock.

In the above cases we will contact you to ask if you want to deliver the order without the Product that has been delayed or is not available, or to suggest you an alternative, or to inform you about the delivery time of the product that is not immediate available. In case you are not satisfied with our offer, you have the right to cancel the order in part or in full, and we will refund you any money you have paid. We note that our Company remains solely responsible for any damage or loss of your products until you acquire physical possession of the products.

If on the set delivery date, you are not at the stated address to pick up the Products, our transport company will try another two (2) times, in the next working days, so that they can deliver your order to you. In case the shipment is not achieved, then your order is automatically returned to us and is registered as "Refusal". It is expressly agreed and as an exception to the general rule of liability that concerns us, you bear the responsibility for the loss or damage of the Products. The Products are stored according to the terms of the transport and at your own expense.

For deliveries within Greece, where our Company cooperates with "…………………… ..", consumers are charged with shipping costs. For purchases over 60 €, there are no cash on delivery costs.

Within ten (10) calendar days you can withdraw from the purchase you may have made through our online store, stating the reasons why you wish to return the product. The above deadline for exercising the right of withdrawal is set from the day after the day you received the product. It is not possible to exercise the right of withdrawal if a period of 14 days has elapsed

In order to exercise the aforementioned right of withdrawal, you must inform us before the expiration of the term of exercise in accordance with the above, of your decision to withdraw from the Sales Agreement that we have concluded, in one of the following ways:
- By telephone at: 2103607354
- By e-mail (e-mail) to the address:

In case of exercising the right of withdrawal in accordance with the above, you must return to "VASILEIOS KOSTETSOS" and to the address: Kanari 8, the product from the purchase of which you withdraw immediately, without undue delay and in any case within ten (10) calendar days from the day on which we received the announcement of your decision to withdraw from the contract of sale in accordance with the provisions hereof.

The cost of returning the products from the purchase of which you withdraw, you bear.
Subject to the express terms herein, if you withdraw from any of your purchases in accordance with the provisions herein, we will refund all money received from you for the purchase of the product (excluding shipping costs).
The refund will be made immediately, without undue delay and in any case no later than thirty (30) days from the date that "VASILEIOS KOSTETSOS" will receive the products you returned in accordance with the above and subject to their reservation.

It is pointed out that in order for your money to be refunded in case of withdrawal, the product we received as a result of your withdrawal must be in excellent condition, received without damage and complete, in its original packaging and accompanied by all relevant documents (receipt, return form, product identification cards). The Company does NOT receive products that are returned upon your departure and which have dirt, damage, abrasions, creases and generally give us the impression that they have been used beyond what is necessary to determine their suitability.

Customers must comply with the rules and regulations of Greek, European and International Law and the relevant legislation governing telecommunications and refrain from any illegal and abusive behavior during and in connection with the website and any illegal practices. The customer is responsible for any damage to him / her due to misuse of the website or misuse of the services offered through it.
In case the "VASILEIOS KOSTETSOS"is involved in any illegal action or is obliged to pay any compensation due to breach of the customer's obligations under these terms, the customer will be obliged to compensate "VASILEIOS KOSTETSOS" for this reason. Each customer is solely responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of his password and he assumes the risk of damage from third party access in any way to his password.
In case of publication of material or content, "VASILEIOS KOSTETSOS" does not bear any responsibility and can not be considered to accept such content. In addition, customers agree to indemnify "VASILEIOS KOSTETSOS" for any legal dispute that arises between them and third parties due to the content they have posted, published or otherwise transmitted through the website and in case of inaccurate registration of registration data or updating of their information and generally in case of violation of these terms of use. Any use contrary to the above beyond any civil and criminal sanctions will result in the deletion of this content and at the same time the deletion of the account of the customer, who violates these terms of use, without notice.

The entire content of the website, including images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, services and products, marks, symbols, is the intellectual property of "VASILEIOS KOSTETSOS" and is protected by the relevant provisions of Greek, European law and international conventions and conditions.

It is prohibited to modify, copy, distribute, modify, format, transfer, download, sell, republish in any way any information (in whole or in part), reproduce and retransmit, download or exploit the content of the site in any way or by any means for commercial or other purposes is prohibited without the written permission of "VASILEIOS KOSTETSOS". The appearance of such content on the site should in no way be construed as a transfer or assignment of a license or right to use it.

The names, images, logos and insignia that represent our Company and its products and services, www. and the products and services provided in it are the exclusive trademarks and distinctive features of "VASILEIOS KOSTETSOS" and are protected by Greek, European and international laws on trademarks, industrial and intellectual property and unfair competition.

The "Website" may include links (links) to other Websites, which are controlled by third parties. In no case is the "Website" responsible for their content, nor for any financial or other damage suffered by the user who follows them. Linking to this "Website" is only allowed on the Home Page. Linking to another page is allowed only with prior written permission from "VASILEIOS KOSTETSOS". Similarly, the use of passages or one or more excerpts from this Website without the prior written permission of the Company is prohibited.

The failure of "VASILEIOS KOSTETSOS" to fulfill or delay the fulfillment of any obligation arising from the sale agreement solely for reasons beyond its control, including: force majeure, natural disasters, government orders, riots, riots, wars. terrorist attacks or threat of terrorist attacks, strikes, fires, explosions, floods, natural disasters, will not be considered as a breach of contract of sale;

The "Website" maintains a special complaint form, so that every user can report misuse of its services and prevent damage or harm that may be caused by it. In the event that "VASILEIOS KOSTETSOS" is notified by name for causing damage or other personal injury, as well as for any generally misused use of the Website, it may terminate the operation of the account of the user who violates the terms herein permanently or temporarily.

The user of the "Website" is liable to the Company and its associates, for any damage or loss resulting from the illegal or harmful use of his account, as well as from his use of the services of the Website improperly or not. in accordance with these terms.

The user understands and accepts that the "Website" reserves the exclusive right to terminate the use of his / her passwords / services and / or to discontinue the provision of his / her content to users who believe that they have violated the letter and the spirit of these terms of use.

Given the nature and volume of information on the Internet, under any circumstances, including negligence, the "Website" is not liable for any kind of damage suffered by the user of the pages, services, options and contents, which he uses on his own initiative.

In no case can the "Website" be held responsible for any harm or damage that its users may suffer, due to their exposure to indecent, annoying, offensive, immoral, vulgar, misleading, illegal, etc. Users visit the content and services pages on their own initiative and responsibility. The content and information contained on the Website, including advertisements in any way and in whatever way they appear, should in no way be construed as valid information, advice or a warning about a particular action.

Applicable Law
The above terms and conditions of use of the "Website", as well as any modification thereof, are governed by and supplemented by Greek law, the law of the European Union and the relevant international treaties, signed by the country. Any provision of the above terms becomes contrary to law, automatically ceases to be valid and is removed from here, without in any way affecting the validity of the other terms. This constitutes the entire agreement between the "Website" and its service user and binds only them.

Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement which may arise between the Users or third parties and the Website on the other hand, whether during the term of this Agreement or after its termination or expiration the Greek Courts of Athens.