The brand new collection "Apeiron" Part 1 Vassilios Kostetsos Resort AW 2022, It is dedicated to eternity!In beauty, fashion, Love, life, eternal life that arerecycled and have no end...... That's why he choseOmonia Square to present his collection. The hugecircle of the Historical Square with the water thatendlessly gushes from the fountain symbolizeseternity that has no end.... A collection of sexy longdresses embroidered with metal stones, red classic chic tweed suits for women and skirts from tweed for modern boys.
fashion is not something that exists in dress only

The concept of my show was the cycle of life and the passion for life! So I created a collection of red suits red dresses in red that convey your passion! Never in a strict classic style like a suit and sometimes in Very chic long dresses. Other evening dresses from materials such as metal, the black of mystery, with asymmetrically deep necklines from curves with revealing huge Sexy tears! Men's skirts in red and black for today's daring man as well as suits for daring women! Closing with a wedding dress all lace from small circles adorned by a round hood.


The choice of Omonia Square was not accidental! First of all, it is a Historic emblematic Historic Square of great importance for Athens. Its history begins in the middle of 1800 AD and at the beginning it was called Palace Square, Othonos Square was renamed a little later Othonos Square until the end of 1800 AD, which was now named Omonia Square by the oaths of political opponents for the Omonia of the Republic! In recent years, fans of team champions have been celebrating their victory. For two years I wanted to show my collection "Apeiron" in this emblematic Square because the huge circle formed by the Square reminds me of the huge circle without end and the recycling of life. The models circled twice to symbolize Infinity!