2023L’Olympien Art Couture

My new Haute Couture collection for 2023 is inspired by the writing of the Ancient Greek Plutarch "Parallel Lives" which depicts the Golden Age of Pericles and the era that was magnified by the unique sculptor Pheidias with his Famous and Unsurpassed Glory.
My Creations are all handmade and molded on dolls.
Unique from fabrics and colors that the models as Goddesses of today bring yesterday of Ancient Greece to 2022 walking and posing in the emblematic space of Stoa Attalou which for the first time in History hosts High Fashion.
This year I close thirty-two years from
I always look for uniqueness and avant-garde in the presentations of my clubs in combination with the promotion of our cultural heritage of yesterday and today.
The L’Olympien collection is dedicated to our mother Anna.


The Stoa of Attalos is located in the archeological site of the Ancient Agora of Athens, [1] about 250 m east of Dipylos, almost blocking the Inner Kerameikos in a north-south direction, thus constituting the eastern boundary of the ancient market. It was built around 150 BC, by Attalos II, King of Pergamon, as stated in an inscription on the outer colonnade, which is preserved in fragments "KING ATTALUS ATTALUS AND KING APOLLON", after a donation to Athens. its longest independent covered building, likewise the largest in Greece in antiquity. The construction of the ancient building of the Stoa began in 159 BC. and was completed after 11 years, in 148 BC [2] The current Stoa building is a reconstruction of the ancient one, erected between 1953-1956 by the American School of Classical Studies and houses the Museum of the Ancient Agora.
For the first time in history, it was presented in Stoa Attalou, High Fashion was filmed and photographed by a Greek creator, Vassilio Kostetso.
Forty of his creations worn by forty models presented the L'Olympien collection I was excluded from journalists and the media.
The emblematic presentation now went down in history.


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